Students risk expulsion over fightclub page

A schoolyard Facebook fightclub page, in which students post videos of violent brawls has gone viral with more than 2.3 million 'likes' in just 11 days.

Students risk expulsion over fightclub page

Students risk expulsion over fightclub page

As a result of the page, some Queensland schools have warned pupils they risk expulsion if they post on the page.

'The Craziest Fights', which was created just last week on the social networking giant, has been flooded with disturbing footage including the video of Casey Heynes - the boy who rose to instant fame when he defended himself against a bully at a Sydney school last year.

Some video features kerb stomping where faces are thrust into kerbs - similar to the graphic scene in the film American History X.

Facebook has intervened, removing some footage but a large portion of confrontations still feature disturbing footage - including fights from classrooms, canteens and even school buses.

Queensland schools across the board maintain a no-nonsense policy, saying any student sprung posting videos on the page could risk expulsion.

"It's important that students don't have a short-term view and get involved in the hype and risk their futures by being thrown out of school," Jennifer Haynes, principal of Moreton Bay Boys' College told News Limited.

News of the Facebook page has swept across Queensland schools, while the creators of the account have defiantly declared they already have a back-up page ready to go should Facebook remove their current one.

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