Dad uses daughter to sell car

Anyone who knows anything about advertising will tell you sex sells – but one dad has taken it one step further by using saucy snaps of his daughter in a bid to bump up the price of his car.

Dad uses daughter to sell car

Daughter Lexxa, Photo: Ebay

Kim Ridley, of Oregon in the United States, was selling his 1977 Datsun Z-Series 280Z on auction site ebay.

As well as a detailed list of information about the condition of the car, engine, upgrades, service history and miles on the clock, he also posted pictures of his 20-year-old daughter Lexxa posing provocatively alongside the vehicle.

In some pictures she is clad in just black panties and see-through t-shirt, while in others she is provocatively leaning over the bonnet, dressed a little more modestly in ripped jeans.

And in the ‘Questions and Answers section’, one user posted: ‘Does buying the car include a free "ride" with the porn star ?’ to which Mr Ridley answered: ‘Nice way to talk about my daughter!!!! But sure----------!!!! Hit the buy it now!!’.

When contacted by advertising website Adfreak, he insisted he had no regrets.

“If I felt bad about it, I wouldn't do it.

“Girls and dogs attract people's attention,” he added, revealing he had also used his golden retriever Max in some ads.

The car eventually sold for just over $7,000.