EXCLUSIVE: Shocking road rage attack

Shocked witnesses have captured a violent road rage attack as it unfolded on a busy highway.

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking road rage attack

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking road rage attack

Experts say it's a shocking example of how drivers are getting angrier on our roads, warning; if you lose your cool, you'll probably be caught.

The footage shows traffic grind to a halt, and four men laying into each other.

It's two-on-two, on and off road. One pair seeks refuge in their car, chased by a man with a whip as his mate kicks the hatchback.

But his leg is caught and the man is dumped a hundred metres down the Perth road.

Witnesses say one car cut off another before it descended into full blown 'road rage'.

We showed the pictures to an expert in driver behaviour, who said he would be terrified.

“Ninety-nine percent of people, five minutes later they regret what they've done,” Stephen Greaves from the University of Sydney said.

Greaves said that road rage rates are growing up to 10 percent a year.

He said that driving has become more stressful as we spend more time on the road, and also spend more time in congested conditions.

Experts say men are more likely to end up in a violent road rage situation, but no matter how frustrating our roads are becoming, it's hardly worth a potential jail term.

You're more likely to be caught as police rely on security video, mobile phone footage, and in car cameras for evidence.

“We will take those matters up and prosecute where we can,” Detective Inspector Phil Brooks from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said.

“You really can't afford to lose your patience out there, otherwise it could become a very serious situation for you.”

Already this year in New South Wales police have charged 362 people with road rage offences, some face 14 years prison.