Thief stomps on pregnant woman’s belly

Thief stomps on pregnant woman’s belly

Thief stomps on pregnant woman’s belly

Police are hunting three men after the vicious mugging of a heavily pregnant woman in Sydney's southwest.

The victim, who’s just three weeks from giving birth, was pushed to the ground and deliberately kicked in the stomach.

At 3:40pm yesterday Swati feared for the life of her unborn son, and behind her smile there is still shock.

“I was really scared really scared I didn't know how to stop him,” she said.

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant Swati and her niece Shruti were heading home from Holsworthy station just when her handbag was grabbed from behind.

"Your first instinct was to hold onto the bag so I held onto the bag and I thought it's a joke.”

“But then I realise it’s serious and someone is snatching my bag."

She let go, but was pushed to the ground.

"I was trying to stop them and saying ‘don't stamp on my tummy’, and this second guy he just stomped on my tummy," Swati said.

Another man also grabbed Shruti's handbag, before they made off with less than $100.

Police are disgusted.

"This is an appalling crime; committed by a number of cowards," Superintendent Ray King said.

"It's a coward act. You don't do this, you don't harm people."

The three men ran from the scene and into nearby bushland.

Officers called in the dog squad and the PolAir helicopter to search for them, but the attackers couldn't be found.

Both women were taken to hospital... they're okay, so is the baby.

The three men are around 19, one of Middle Eastern appearance wearing an orange fluoro shirt and blue hoodie, the second a green hoodie, and the third a dark tracksuit.

Police have some leads, but they’re urging anyone with information to call Crimestoppers on 1800333000.

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