Santa apps keep children in line

Parents have been downloading “Santa apps” to keep their children off the naughty list as Christmas approaches.

Santa 'phonecalls' keep children in line

Santa 'phonecalls' keep children in line

With Christmas just around the corner, parents are taking fake calls from Santa on smart phones, when their children misbehave.

News Limited reports when Santa calls, his ID comes up on the screen and gives the impression to naughty children they are being watched by the jolly old man.

Child psychologist Dr John Irvine has slammed the apps as “not productive.”

“These kinds of apps have made the Santa threat much more real and immediate and they could be abused by some parents in the lead-up to Christmas Day,” he said.

“What is the point in threatening something that you are not going to carry out? Is mum really going to cancel presents on Christmas day?” he said.

“Empty threats are not useful as kids soon realize that there are no consequences.”

Dr Irvine told News Limited that while it may be new means the strategy of parents using Santa threats has been used for generations.

The Fake Call From Santa app provides the incoming call – but no voice on the other line.
Parents have to improvise their chat with ‘Santa’.