Drunk schoolie sleeps on balcony ledge

A drunk, tired Schoolie who slept on dangerously close to the ledge of his 11th storey highrise building has been evicted.

Drunk schoolie sleeps on balcony ledge

Drunk schoolie sleeps on balcony ledge

Cameron Cox, a Somerset College graduate, was photographed by neighbours during his drunken slumber and had his the picture uploaded to social networking site Instagram.

Mr Cox's potentially fatal nap was captured at Surfers Hawaiian Holiday Apartments in Surfers Paradise.

The recent spate of balcony deaths on the Gold Coast and warnings from authorities were not enough to prevent the 18-year-old sleeping perilously close to the ledge - instead, he was surprised by the attention.

Cameron Cox was snapped sleeping on the ledge of his 11th storey apartment balcony. Source: Instagram.

"I didn't think anybody saw me except for the guys in the unit next to us who took the photo," 18-year-old Mr Cox told News Limited.

"I was drunk and climbed out there through the window for the thrill and to get some fresh air. I was out there for about half an hour until a security guard came to do a room check and I didn't want him to know I'd been out there.

"The window slides open. There's no security screens."

"I knew in past years there had been problems with balconies but I didn't think it would get this much attention. My dad might be angry when he finds out."

Police arrested a further 16 males on 16 charges overnight, mainly relating to public nuisance.

Despite the arrests, police are happy with the overall behaviour of Schoolies crowds.

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