Schoolies celebrations starting in Victor Harbor

South Australian school leavers have begun their migration to Victor Harbor for this weekends schoolies celebrations.

Schoolies have some trouble packing ahead of this weekend's celebrations.

Schoolies have some trouble packing ahead of this weekend's celebrations.

About 10,000 schoolies will flock to Victor Harbor for the annual celebration, and authorities are behind a strong push to keep the teenagers safe.

A total of 130 police officers will be out in force and a record 600 volunteers will be on hand to make sure celebrations don’t spiral out of control.

“You can get around on the free buses, they’re supervised, they’re safe, and there’s no need for the car,” said Ben Tuffnell from the Motor Accident Commission.

While most schoolies will arrive in Victor Harbor this evening, many have already arrived and set up tents in anticipation for the big weekend.

Some schoolies have already set up tents as they set themselves up for a big weekend of celebrations. Photo: Roscoe Whalan, 7News.

Earlier this week, police and emergency services urged schoolies to keep their celebrations safe and enjoyable.

Superintendent John Bruhn, the police commander for Operation Schoolies 2012, said police will focus on three key areas of safety for revellers: drug detection, traffic management and alcohol misuse.

"Once again, we will be asking young people attending schoolies to take responsibility for the success of their own event," Supt Bruhn said.

"Having a responsible attitude towards drinking is a big step in making sure everyone has a good time, without things getting out of hand."

A 24-hour continuous police operation will be run from Victor Harbor Police Station, with a fully functioning mobile police office operating in Warland Reserve from 8pm until 3am throughout the event.

"We will be actively policing any use or supply of illicit drugs, so make a wise, safe choice not to risk starting the next phase of your adult life with a police record that will impact on travel and work opportunities,” Supt Bruhn said.