Newton family respond to verdict

Matthew Newton's family says it's relieved the troubled actor has escaped conviction over an assault on an American hotel employee.

Newton family respond to verdict

Newton family respond to verdict

He was ordered to pay compensation to his victim and write an apology, following two late night incidents earlier this year.

He's the son of Australian television royalty, but today he was just another face in Miami court with no family or friends by his side.

The 35-year-old looked healthy and focused, a far cry from the disturbing images of the star inside a Miami hotel back in April.

Newton was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest after scuffling with police when he refused to leave Moe's restaurant.

Ten days later he punched hotel worker Arial Vargas because he couldn't get mobile phone reception.

Newton was filmed on security cameras chasing Vargas around the lobby and into a back office where he performed karate style moves.

In court today, Newton didn't have to enter a plea. The judge agreed to dismiss the charges if the Underbelly star does 50 hours community service and give Mr Vargas $11,500, a bill he's already settled.

It's a good result for Newton, who could have been jailed for almost a year, and no conviction was recorded which could have caused problems for him visiting and working in the United States.

Speaking outside of court, Newton’s Lawyer David Markus said he was happy the charges were being dropped, and that this ‘chapter’ was closing.

Newton however, refused to talk, but politely warned a cameraman not to trip on his way out of court.

If Newton doesn't meet the conditions of his bail in 100 days he'll be back to face trial.