Orphaned koala the latest to enter rehab

An orphaned koala from the Eyre Peninsula bushfires has joined two others in rehabilitation at an animal rescue centre in Adelaide.

Orphaned koala the latest to enter rehab

Orphaned koala the latest to enter rehab

Olivia weighs little more than a kilogram, and lost her mother in the bushfire.

The 10-month-old is now being hand fed every three hours.

Rescuer Aaron Machado said Olivia has not been as badly burned at Marley and Narla, the two other koalas currently under the care of the Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organization (AMWRRO).

“She’s only got a couple of little burns on her toes which is good – versus the other pretty horrific wounds we’ve seen so far,” he told 7News.

Volunteers have been working around the clock treating severe wounds and nursing the survivors.

They say it could be another two months before Marley and Narla are released into the wild, and baby Olivia could be six months away.

More supplies are on their way to cope with another wave of injured animals.

“We have just spent $4500 just on equipment that’s going to be arriving tomorrow,” Mr Machado said.

One koala that only received minor injuries in the fire was released near Port Lincoln this morning.

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