Matthew Newton assault case dismissed

A US judge has given troubled actor Matthew Newton a second chance after he punched a hotel employee in Miami, Florida.

Matthew Newton assault case dismissed

Matthew Newton assault case dismissed

The charges from the bizarre hotel assault in April will be dismissed, as long as Newton apologises and completes 50 hours of community service.

He will also have to pay US hotel clerk $US11,500 ($A11,100) but won't have an assault conviction recorded against him, it's been reported.

The troubled Underbelly star was arrested in April over allegations he punched the Miami hotel clerk in the face.

He was also charged with trespassing at popular Miami watering hole Mr Moe's Restaurant and Bar.

He will also have to complete an anger management course, but was given credit for his time in rehab.

Outside court Newton's lawyer said his client was pleased with the outcome.

"We're very pleased that the case is going to be dismissed and this chapter is over," he said.

Newton has also been ordered not to go near Mr Moe's or the clerk.

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