Elderly woman murdered on island

The small community of Macleay Island in Moreton Bay is in shock, following the suspicious death of a well known elderly woman.

Elderly woman murdered on island

Elderly woman murdered on island

Liselotte Watson was found face down in her bedroom late yesterday - police say there is evidence of foul play.

The victim had lived alone in a two story home on Macleay Island for the past decade.

"It's just the biggest biggest shock to think that something like this has happened," neighbour Corey Dobson said.

"There's more to this than meets the eye."

Yesterday afternoon officers conducting a welfare check, found the well known local woman dead in her bedroom, declaring it a crime scene.

Homicide detectives have been called in to investigate.

"Under the circumstances in she was found, were a bit concerned in relation to the incident, so were conducting a full investigation in relation to it," Detective superintendent Geoff Sheldon of Cleveland police, said.

Carol Bowne, a friend of Mrs Watson’, was in disbelief that a potential serious crime had been committed on a usually peaceful island.

"This is not Macleay Island, believe me, things like this don’t happen here, we just can't understand it, were devastated," she said.

Neighbours say Mrs Watson spared no expense on rare furniture and she also opted against banking her money.

Locals fear it may have attracted a sinister element to her home.

"I went into the kitchen and she had thousands of dollars just spread all over the kitchen bench, in bundles of fifty dollar notes," another neighbour said.

Locals say Mrs Watson was frail and showing early signs of dementia but she was always keen for a cup of tea and a chat - usually about her main passion, the Brisbane Broncos.

"She loved the Broncos, yeah she loved the Broncos, especially Darren Lockyer, she loved him," Mrs Bowen said.
The forensic investigation is expected to take several days.