Woman forced to wear 'idiot' sign

A woman who repeatedly drove onto the footpath to avoid a slow school bus has been forced to wear a sign publicly proclaiming her 'an idiot'.

Woman forced to wear 'idiot' sign

Woman forced to wear 'idiot' sign

Shena Hardin, from Ohio in the US, was busted in September by a fed up school bus driver after he watched her repeatedly dangerously mount the gutter to get around the bus.

The footage went viral online and Ms Hardin was tracked down by local media and charged by police.

Yesterday Ms Hardin got her comeuppance when she carried out part of her punishment – to publicly wear a sign reading, "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."

Ms Hardin had to wear the sign for an hour on Tuesday and Wednesday; she also had her licence suspended for 30 days and was fined $250USD.

Puffing on a cigarette and wearing headphones, Ms Hardin initially appeared defiant as she held the sign; but as passing cars honked their horns and media attention grew, she appeared to lose patience with the punishment.

Locals weren’t so sympathetic however, with one man asking her 'why she hates kids', and another local saying the punishment fit the crime.

"She's an idiot, just like the her sign says," a local mum told AP.

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