Gay penguin couple adopts egg

Two gay penguins at a zoo in Denmark have adopted an abandoned egg and are now raising the chick as their own.

Gay penguin couple adopts egg

Gay penguin couple adopts egg

The male King Penguins, who became a couple around a year ago, have adopted and incubated an egg abandoned by a female in their enclosure.

King Penguins are usually monogamous, but the female had abandoned the egg because she already had one to incubate from another partner.

The two males had previously tried to incubate a dead herring and attempted to steal the eggs of other penguins.

Sensing the males wanted to become parents, zoo keepers tested their parenting skills with a ball, then the abandoned egg.

"With King penguins, they mix it between the male and female. One stands with the egg while the other goes to feed and then they shift. It was the same with this pair. They both incubated the egg,â€

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