Pilot talks about surviving plane crash

Pilot Daren Snell survived a plane crash but has no memory of the flight or the crash that nearly took his life.

Pilot talks about surviving plane crash

Pilot talks about surviving plane crash

The 47-year-old father-of-two spoke from his bed in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital, battered and bruised but feeling very lucky.

Brisbane Times reports he managed to walk away from the wreck on Wednesday with a fractured wrist, dislocated ankle, a cut on his nose and bruising on his left side.

“I feel very, very lucky that I’ve only got a couple of chips really… very lucky, very lucky,” he said.

“How did I walk away from that? How did I not come up in a worse state than what I am?”

Daren can’t remember much, only that he was scheduled to take off at 10 o’clock.

“Then I was in a paddock.”

After the plane crashed into a paddock it skidded more than 100 metres.

Mr Snell remembered crawling through the paddock so he could radio for help. A farmer found him hours later.

Daren told Seven News how lucky he was to survive.

"I've seen pictures of the aircraft and not much of that is left."

"There's only two things that cause an aircraft to crash, pilot error or a fault with the plane."

Daren Snell is a lucky man, he has survived a car crash, motorbike crash and now a plane crash.

The plane wreckage near Beaudesert.