Murdered teen recently overcame cancer

Murdered Toowoomba teenager, Jake Lasker had recently been given the all-clear from doctors after a battle with eye cancer.

Murdered teen recently overcame cancer

Murdered teen recently overcame cancer

Friends of the Lasker family said Jake was a polite teenager and the 19-year-old's parents were keen to just get on with life.

Yesterday at around 3pm, the teen was found murdered in the family home in Toowoomba.

Police have since charged a 19-year-old with murder, who will appear in court on Thursday, after allegedly stabbing Jake in the neck and torso.

Jake's death has shocked the community of Rockville, a suburb of Toowoomba, with a family friend saying the parents were not coping well at all.

"His parents had already thought they might lose him from cancer. Now to lose him from this is terrible," they told News Limited.

On his Facebook page, Jake wrote: "I have asperges (sic) which affects my emotions, so please go easy on me."

"I will always care for me family and friends. I love singing my fav songs."

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