Teen hailed hero for saving little brother

A teenage boy had described how he helped save his two-year-old brother from drowning in the family's backyard pool.

Teen hailed hero for saving little bro

Teen hailed hero for saving little bro

Fourteen-year-old Kyle Squires is being hailed a hero, but says he's just glad his sibling is okay.

Charlie Squires is too young to realise his brother saved his life, but their father's not.

"I don't know how many times I've told him, he's my hero,” dad Jason Squires said.

They were all swimming in the pool yesterday when Kyle noticed his brother was face down in the water.

"Straight away I went over to him, got him out of the water, he looked pale and just turning blue," Kyle said.

The teen yelled for his father, a surf lifesaver, who put his training into practice.

"I kind of pat him on his side, opened his mouth and cleared his throat."

Together they resuscitated young Charlie. His dad had stepped upstairs for 30 seconds to get a drink when he heard the screaming.

Paramedics who arrived soon after, said the event should serve as a lesson to others.

"If both the family members had left the area they would have come back to a catastrophic event," medic Peter Cribbs said.

The Squires family loves the water, they swim everyday or they are at the beach. But had that not been the case, then this story could have had a very different ending.

"As soon as I seen him today it was just like the best moment, knowing he was fine, it was just so good," father Jason said.