Lord mayor cracks down on litterbugs

In just over 12 months the number of litterbugs copping fines in Brisbane has almost doubled.

Lord mayor cracks down on litterbugs

Lord mayor cracks down on litterbugs

Seven News can reveal the Council crackdown is making our streets cleaner.

In the 2010/11 financial year 5901 fines were issued – that’s 490 month.

In 2011/12 that number rose to 9272 – that’s 770 month.

This year that figure has risen again with Council officers issuing 850 fines each month.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is determined to change this litterbug behavior.

“If people want to trash the city, if they want to leave their mess for somebody else to clean up – I have no hesitation in issuing a fine in those circumstances,” he said.

Helping to do this is a $220 penalty – that’s changing behavior.

The Lord Mayor says the amount of rubbish being dropped in the City and Valley has fallen by one third since the crackdown began.

“And I’m sure that will start to spread across the suburbs of Brisbane as well.”

Not all fines are on the spot.

If a Council officer spots you throwing a cigarette butt out your car window, expect a nasty
surprise in the mail.

They’re also on patrol in city streets.

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