Cancer survivor guides group on Everest adventure

Cancer survivor guides group on Everest adventure

Cancer survivor guides group on Everest adventure

A Cairns woman who was the first breast cancer survivor in the world to climb Mount Everest has returned to Nepal on a life changing adventure.

Sharon Cohrs guided a group of 11 strangers, inspired by her journey, on a challenging trek to Everest Base Camp.

With little hiking experience, but so much determination, they set off on a tough, ten day trek from Lukla to Base Camp.

They all had their own reasons – some have been touched by cancer, others are simply facing their fears.

"You could see they were struggling, but they were determined," Sharon said.

Sharon Cohrs with a group of hikers on Mt Everest.

"These people believed in what I did and they believed they could do it themselves.

Mrs Cohrs was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, had chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and went into remission, then set herself the goal of reaching the Everest peak.

It took two months last year until she reached the top with her husband Allan.

Sharon inspired these people from around Australia to hike to Base Camp.

They inspired her.

Sharon Cohrs with her two dogs during her battle with cancer five years ago.

"It was a group of people that had followed our journey and wanted to go on and achieve their own Everest," she said.

The group were strangers at the start of the trek, but bound by adversity, were friends by the finish.

Breast care nurse Heather Rogers, who was inspired by Sharon’s story, wanted to raise awareness by participating in the adventure.

"It was hard - harder than I would have expected," she said

Sharon and husband Allan are about to get back into their gruelling training regime. They'll climb mountains around Cairns almost every second day to prepare for their next adventure - a mission back to the mountain, proving both cancer and self-doubt can be beaten.

Anyone can go - spots are already filling.

Details can be found on Sharon's website.

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