Felix Baumgartner jumps from space

Mission to the edge of space

Mission to the edge of space

Austrian adventurer Felix Baumgartner has made history after successfully landing a record free-fall jump from the edge of space back to Earth.

In July he successfully completed a test jump at a lower altitude but this time it was significantly higher.

According to Dr Jonathan Clarke from the Red Bull Stratos Mission: "What we're doing here is not just a record attempt or a stunt it's actually a very intense flight test program."

So many things could go wrong on the way up - a tear in his space suit or a hole in the balloon. The the first 30 seconds after he jumps will be the most dangerous where there is little air to stop him from getting into a deadly spin or tumble.

In those few hair-raising moments he'll reach speeds of 1100km/h becoming the first to break the sound barrier using nothing more than his body.

"We don't know what a human will endure accelerating through the sound barrier," Dr Clarke says.

In the process, Felix could potentially break four world records:

  • Reaching supersonic speed in freefall (breaking the sound barrier)
  • Highest manned balloon flight
  • Longest freefall
  • Freefall from highest altitude

Australian high performance doctor Andy Walshe has helped prepare Felix. He says the adventurer isn’t nervous.

"Felix isn't a nervous kinda guy he, focuses on what he needs to get the job done."

The results of this jump will help future astronauts.

The capsule will be launched from a desert region near Roswell, New Mexico. Seven News’ US Bureau Chief Mike Amor will be covering the event live from Roswell.

Watch the jump live on 7Mate at 11:30pm AEDT or watch it live online here.

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For more information on this history-making event go to: www.redbullstratos.com

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