Migaloo returns to Queensland coast

Migaloo the White Whale has been spotted off the Queensland coast by the Channel 7 News helicopter, thrilling nearby whale watchers.

Migaloo returns to Queensland coast

Migaloo returns to Queensland coast

It was a breathtaking moment that didn't last long - the majestic mammal breached and disappeared underwater as it cruised south off Moreton Island.

It's been fifteen years since Tangalooma Island's whale watching boat has spotted Migaloo.

"It was absolutely amazing, it looked like an ice berg coming out of the sea it was just absolutely incredible," said one ecstatic passenger.

Those on board couldn't believe their luck - Kevin Ross was visiting from Melbourne and videoed the rare humpback.

"You could just see the big white shadow under there, and then it came up, it was like Moby Dick," he said.

It's just the third confirmed sighting this year. The rare mammal was spotted twice two months ago off the coast of Cairns.

Migaloo was first spotted 21 years ago passing Byron Bay.

He was the only documented all-white whale in the world until last year when a calf was spotted jumping and breaching off the Whitsundays.