Fisherman in frightening whale encounter

A Gold Coast fisherman has had a frightening encounter with a humpback whale.

Fisherman in frightening whale encounter

Fisherman in frightening whale encounter

Mike Chavaux was happy to watch from a distance, but he didn't have to. A pod of three whales emerged within arm's reach of his boat.

Few have experienced anything like what Mr Chavaux did on Wednesday. In the incredible images, he can be heard marvelling at the mammals before his excitement turned to fear.

"Oh it's just out of this world... I've never seen anything like this before," he said at the time of the event.

"Oh it's going to touch my boat... he's under it.

"S*** what do I do? What do I do? S***," he said as the whale rocked his boat.

Mr Chavaux reaches out to the humpback whale before it knocked him off his feet by rocking his boat.

Marine experts believe the giants of the sea are becoming more comfortable and confident interacting with humans.

"That was probably very gentle for him but he sent me flying. I think he was trying to play with my boat," Mr Chavaux exclusively told Seven News.

Mitchell Leroy from Sea World says there are also more whales in our waters than ever before.

"We believe the population is growing up to 10 per cent a year," he said.

It's estimated as many as 17,000 whales are making their annual migration along our coast.

The law states you can't go within 300 metres of them – unless, of course, they approach you.