Flintstone bike gives pedals the runaround
Flintstone bike gives pedals the runaround

Pedals, seat, who needs them? Not this German design duo who have radically reinvented the bicycle.

Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter's "Fliz" bike would have riders strap themselves into a harness and walk or run under its frame before tucking in their legs when they reach full speed.

While it may remind you most of Fred Flinstone's foot-powered car, the concept bike was inspired by the 1817 "laufrad", a forefather to the modern bike. The aim was to create an eco-friendly and healthy way to navigate crowded urban environments.

Looks a tad awkward? Not so, say the inventors, claiming the Fliz offers "a comfortable, ergonomic ride between running and biking."

Built with a laminated glass and carbon fiber frame, the bike has been entered in the Dyson Award design competition, where it could take home a £10,000 prize. Yabbadabbadoo!

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