Logan dad takes out Father of the Year

A single dad from Logan who's dedicated much of his life to raising his eight children has been named Queensland's Father of the Year.

Logan dad takes out Father of the Year

Logan dad takes out Father of the Year

The announcement came as a surprise to Mark Cummins but not his proud family. He has what many fathers strive for – a happy family that adores him.

"They're great kids. I don't always tell them they're great kids cos they're not always," he laughed.

He has done a lot. Raised four sons and four daughters – two with cystic fibrosis - now aged between fifteen and thirty-two and for the past five years, he's done it alone.

Mark Cummins proudly accepts the title of 'Queensland Father of the Year'.

"We understand each other, support each other and the job gets done," he said of his kids.

"It has been extremely tough but you take a step back have a think about it and the sun comes up the next day and away you go."

He holds down a demanding job, he is an author, a business owner and a a carer as well – making time off hard to come by.

When he does have time off Mark is rarely without his children. He says they're not just his family, they're his best friends.

"He's always been a winner to us - for him to take (Queensland Father of the Year) out means so much more," son Jacob proudly said.

Not all his children could be present for the presentation of the award – some live interstate while others live overseas.

His 24-year-old son Nick is also a member of the Wallabies training squad.