Murder plot target 'moving on'

The woman at the centre of a foiled love triangle murder plot has told Seven News of her relief after one of her would-be killers today lost a courtroom appeal.

Murder plot target 'moving on'

Murder plot target 'moving on'

Patrizia Rolls spoke exclusively to Seven News saying she can now move on while her ex husband Aaron Rolls, and his mistress, Mirvat Sleiman, remain behind bars.

Patrizia owes her life to police officers who stumbled upon a recorded conversation between Rolls and his lover in which they plotted to drown her at a Gold Coast beach and make it look like an accident.

Rolls, of Queensland, was jailed for eleven years in 2009 for the 'despicable' conspiracy, and Sleiman, of Melbourne, for eight.

After a losing a previous appeal bid, the mistress sought leave to appeal to the High Court.

Sleiman's lawyer said the trial judge had told the jury if it thought there was overwhelming evidence against one of the co-accused, it had to find both of them guilty.

They argued that instruction was wrong and amounted to a miscarriage of justice.

But two High Court judges disagreed, dismissing the appeal bid after only a short hearing.

With all avenues of appeal now exhausted, Patrizia is free to move on with her life.

She's even fulfilling her long-held ambition to return to university to become a lawyer herself.

"Nothing could inspire me than to one day act for people who are in a position of vulnerability or despair," she told Seven News reporter Kate Osborn.

She's adamant she's not a victim, but a survivor.

"The fact that I'm here today to talk about it and to also smile is proof that the justice system does work," she said.