Nestle cops criticism over new baby formula recipe

Nestle is conducting further tests on its new baby formula recipe after a number of complaints that it was making babies sick.

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Nestle cops criticism over new baby formula recipe

However they have told 7News they will not be recalling the product on food safety grounds.

"Extensive testing of the product and further results received today continue to show that there is no indication of a food safety concern."

The Nan H.A Gold formula has recently changed over to a ‘new and improved’ recipe.

They said it had improved taste, texture and nutritional value.

However some parents who have switched their babies to the formula say their normally happy babies have been experiencing vomiting, green, watery diarrhea and constant crying.

The Nestle Facebook page has seen a barrage of complaints from worried parents. There have also been over 100 negative reviews and comments on consumer website Product Review complaining about the new formula.

Lorgie79 posted yesterday: “I went from having a happy, smiling 10 week old to constantly trying to plicate a miserable grouch.”

One parent said their baby had been “tortured” by using the formula.

“Needless to say come the formula change he was throwing up every feed, windy, gassy and constipated he wouldn’t settle at any time of day or night. He was tortured!”

Another mum said: “She was at times inconsolable. I discovered the issue when I went to bit my second tin and ended up with the old formula, you could see the difference straight away.”

Nestle said it had strict quality controls in place.

“We have strict quality control procedures in place throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

A Nestle spokeswoman said there was nothing in the formula that should cause a problem and any health issues seemed to stem from switching formulas.

“Babies starting on the formula from scratch seem to be fine. Babies swapping from one formula to another, that’s the problem,” the spokeswoman said.

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