Dotcom launches case 'facts' webpage

Dotcom launches case 'facts' webpage

Dotcom launches case 'facts' webpage

Piracy-accused multi-millionaire Kim Dotcom has gone on the offensive against the United States, launching a new webpage to share information about his case.

Dotcom and three other men who worked for his Megaupload file-sharing website, Mathias Ortmann, Finn Batato and Bram Van der Kolk, face copyright, racketeering and money laundering charges in the United States.

The four are on bail in New Zealand awaiting an extradition hearing set down for March next year.

Dotcom has laid out his side of the court case on his website,, on a page titled "10 Facts About the Megaupload Scandal".

He says the only party found to have broken the law so far is the New Zealand police, after a High Court judge ruled the search warrant used to confiscate hard drives and other material from Dotcom was illegal.

His website, similar in appearance to one that might be created to support the release of a new Hollywood movie, features the taglines: "The war for the Internet has begun", "Hollywood is in control of politics" and "The government is killing innovation".

Dotcom has taken the witness stand in the High Court at Auckland this week at a hearing into the January police raid on his Coatesville mansion which resulted in his arrest.

The hearing follows on from a ruling in late June that the search warrants used to carry out the raid were invalid.

Following his court appearance on Wednesday, Dotcom criticised the police on Twitter, writing: "After reliving the raid in the court room I am angry. So many lies. There was no justification for this! All just a big show for the US!"

"The NZ government is doing the dirty work for a handful of greedy, copyright extremist content billionaire's (sic) who need bigger yachts," he said.

Dotcom was apparently referring to Chris Dodd, the head of the Motion Picture Association of America, who he has previously accused of using a friendship with US Vice-President Joe Biden to convince US President Barack Obama to take down the Megaupload website.

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