Scalpers' tickets will be void

The ticketing agent for the Super Rugby final says it is investigating scalpers after fans vented their outrage at missing out on tickets.

Scalpers' tickets will be void

Scalpers' tickets will be void

Angry Chiefs fans started up an online petition calling for a new ticket provider after tickets to Saturday night's final between the Chiefs and the Sharks were snapped up in less than two hours last week.

Some traders had tickets online at highly inflated prices while people were still queuing outside Waikato Stadium.

People are legally allowed to sell their tickets on Trade Me because the final is not covered by the Major Events Act, which was passed before last year's Rugby World Cup.

Chief executive Matthew Davey said TicketDirect was working with the Chiefs franchise to enforce the sale conditions of the tickets, which meant they were void if on-sold at inflated prices.

He said around 20 instances of scalping were being investigated, with 11 sets of tickets still for sale.

"Some sales of course are valid, but there are a few with vastly inflated prices and obvious profiteering happening. The tickets will be confiscated and the fans will not be allowed into the game," he said.

"It's a real shame to see the blatant greed of some."

Having the Major Events Act cover Super Rugby would help eliminate the practice.

Mr Davey said that despite the short time in which they had to prepare the ticketing and the huge interest in the match he was pleased with the performance.

"With such a phenomenal and unprecedented demand for a limited number of tickets, there are always going to be those fans who unfortunately miss out."

In future, the tickets would be sold via a ballot to a random selection of registered customers, rather than with the queuing mechanism used this time.

"The critical reason for the queue was to deliver some form of fairness to a massively over-subscribed event whereby all of the Chiefs fans who were lined up at Waikato Stadium, along with those at our kiosks, got a proper chance to get their tickets."