Facebook stalker 'sorry' for distributing sex video

A 44-year-old man has been sentenced to one year's jail for a stalking a woman on Facebook and the internet.

Facebook stalker 'sorry' for distributing sex video

Facebook stalker 'sorry' for distributing sex video

Karl Le pleaded guilty to one count of stalking his former lover, a British university student, after their affair fell apart.

After bombarding her with text messages and emails, Le posted a video of the girl performing a sexual act on a website which he set up in her name.

The court heard he then sent a link to the site of her friends, university lecturers and her parents.

But he says he is remorseful and has apologised for his behaviour.

"I have done a shameful, reckless and stupid thing," he told reporter Amy Parks outside Ringwood Magistrates' Court today.

Le said he had thought the case was no different to those involving celebrities Paris Hilton and Lara Bingle.

Both had their privacy compromised online.

The court heard Mr Le's victim thought he would kill her if she did not reply to his messages, and that he had described the video as 'insurance'.

Mr Le's lawyer Michael Kuzilny said: "This was a case of severe internet bullying and an example has been made.

"It's a landmark case...people don't realise how serious it is to defame people on the internet. Bullying is widespread and I suppose the magistrate made a stance today."

Mr Le was sentenced to 12 months in prison with a minimum of four, but was bailed and will appeal later this month.