Secret plan to reinstate Rudd as PM

There's growing impatience inside the Government over Julia Gillard's leadership, following another disastrous opinion poll.

Secret plan to reinstate Rudd as PM

Secret plan to reinstate Rudd as PM

Seven News can reveal details of a secret plot to reinstate Kevin Rudd to the top job within months, if Labor's fortunes don't turn around.

The latest Newspoll shows Labor's primary vote has dropped back to 28 percent, and flatlined around 30 for a year.

On Tuesday senior Labor figures were discussing ways of reshuffling the Labor leadership.

There’s no certainty that Julia Gillard’s colleagues will cast Kevin Rudd again, but if the government's numbers don't improve by September, her colleagues will consider casting Kevin Rudd as prime minister.

Kevin Rudd has said that he won't challenge for the role, whilst Ms Gillard says she won't resign.

One plan is for factional leaders to go public, forcing the Prime Minister to step down.

Mr Rudd would then call an immediate election, declaring he won't govern on the tainted support of now Independents Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper.

He would then roll out a series of big policy changes on border protection, education, health and lowering the carbon price.

The only good news for the ALP is that Tony Abbott is now almost as unpopular as the Prime Minister.