Annual charity Jaffas race sweet as

Jaffas sported a new black and white look on Friday as they did a charity race down the world's steepest street to mark the end of the 12th annual Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Carnival.



This year, the carnival paid tribute to the New Zealand Olympic team, with 25,000 specially made black and white Jaffas, along with some traditional orange-coated confectionery, racing down Baldwin Street.

The first race comprised 25,000 traditional orange Jaffas with the winning Jaffa crossing the line in 35 seconds.

The second race, with 25,000 black and white Jaffas saw the first Jaffa crossing the line in 28 seconds.

With an estimated 14,000 people attending the event, it raised $49,560 for Parents Centres New Zealand and Cure Kids.

The annual race has raised over $550,000 for charitable causes over the past 12 years.

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