Mum sues after injury forces husband to do housework
Mum sues after injury forces husband to do housework

A Gold Coast mother is reportedly suing Virgin Airlines for $500,000 after a suitcase fell on her head during a flight.

She says the injury left her with ongoing pain and forced her husband and son to take over most of the domestic duties in their home.

According to News Limited, Azadeh Laghai had just boarded a flight from the Gold Coast to Melbourne last year. A flight attendant opened the overhead locker above her and a 7kg – 8kg suitcase fell on her.

The 46-year-old claims the incident left her with ongoing arm, hand and neck pain that requires medication and physiotherapy.

Although Virgin Australia paid for two physiotherapy sessions, the Helensvale mum claims they have refused to pay for any more treatment, despite a neurosurgeon diagnosing her with chronic soft tissue injury.

Mrs Laghai says that due to her Middle-Eastern background, she felt extreme guilty that her husband and son had to take over domestic duties.

She also said that her injuries had affected her marriage and her ability to parent her two young children, according to the report.

She wants $36,720 to compensate her husband for taking over domestic chores in the past 18 months. She is also asking for $7344 for her 13-year-old son who spends three hours a week doing chores.

She is claiming further funds for medical costs, future economic loss and future damages.

Virgin Airline's insurers are expected to file a defence later this month.

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