Lucky escape after window falls from plane

A pilot and his passenger have had a lucky escape after a window blew out on their plane above the Southern Ocean, 150km from Adelaide.

Lucky escape after window falls from plane

Lucky escape after window falls from plane

The Lancair Propjet was flying at 24,000 feet when the window suddenly blew out and damaged the body of the plane.

The pair quickly fitted themselves with oxygen masks in the decompressed cabin and began the risky journey to Adelaide Airport for an emergency landing.

Fire crews were put on standby and the damaged plane was escorted to Adelaide by an Edinburgh-based RAAF training aircraft.

The damaged plane landed safely, with the pilot and his passenger escaping uninjured.

The damaged plane getting covered with a tarp at Adelaide Airport. Photo: 7News.

The father and son were on their way from Perth to Tasmania, where they were due to catch a flight to New Zealand for a holiday.

They now plan to continue their trip to New Zealand on a commercial flight.