Woman 'blocked ambulance containing love rival'

A nude woman has thrown herself in front of an ambulance to prevent it from taking a fatally injured love rival to hospital.

Woman 'blocked ambulance containing love rival'

Woman 'blocked ambulance containing love rival'

The incident occurred in eastern China when Zhang Shih, ran down her neighbour, Wang Lu, and her four-year-old daughter over an alleged affair Ms Lu was having with Shih's husband.

Shih allegedly attacked her neighbour after confronting her husband over the infidelities.

After the two were hit by the car, Shih allegedly stood over their bodies and prevented neighbours from coming to their aid.

She is even reported to have punched a paramedic in the face, causing him to drop the four-year-old victim.

When an ambulance containing the victims tried to leave, Shih reportedly stripped off her clothes and lay in front of it to block its path.

Police were forced to draw their weapons on Shih before dragging her out of the way.

Shih has now been charged with murder and attempted murder after the four-year-old girl died from her injuries.

If found guilty, she is likely to face the death penalty.

"This was no crime of passion. She stopped the two victims from receiving medical treatment for nearly half an hour," said a prosecutor.