Crying 'Beast' fails to win early release

The sex offender known as "The Beast of Blenheim" has reportedly cried in front of a judge but failed to win enough sympathy to have two months knocked off his prison term.

Crying 'Beast' fails to win early release

Crying 'Beast' fails to win early release

Stewart Murray Wilson, now 65, was jailed in 1996 for a variety of sexual offences against women and children, including rape, attempted rape and even bestiality, over a 25-year period in Marlborough.

Because he was sentenced before preventive detention laws were introduced he must be released on September 1, after serving more than two-thirds of his 21-year sentence.

In the High Court at Wellington on Wednesday, via a video link from prison, a guard passed Wilson tissues as he complained he had unfairly endured a "long stretch" because he would not admit his crimes, Fairfax reports.

He was seeking to overturn a Parole Board decision that he should stay in prison to the very end of his term.

He had been denied one-on-one counselling because he would not say he was guilty "to please them", he said.

However, Justice David Collins refused to consider an early release.

There was more than enough evidence to justify the board's decision, considering his risk of sexual reoffending, he said.

Wilson will be subject to wearing a GPS ankle bracelet on release.

The government announced on Wednesday 11 child sex offenders released into the community will wear the bracelets.

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