Cops called on student who won't stop studying

A school has been forced to call police on a student who refused to stop studying in its library.

Jamie Gagliardi

Jamie Gagliardi

Jamie Gagliardi, 18, from Crawley in the UK was escorted by police from his community college library after he refused orders to leave.

Jamie was 'obsessed with revising' for his A Levels (the English equivalent of a HSC), and had previously been kicked out of the library for interrupting a teacher.

He returned the next day claiming he had nowhere else to revise for his upcoming tests.

Jamie, who attends a school with a 100% A Level pass rate, was reportedly feeling the pressure ahead of his upcoming psychology exam.

He had been banned from the library for 24 hours after interrupting a teacher during a meeting, but returned early the next morning.

He allegedly began causing a disturbance when he was asked to leave, and staff felt their only option was to call the police on the studious student.

Police say the teen won't be charged over the incident, but Jamie feels the school has punished him for working hard.

"I have been punished for wanting to do well," he told The Daily Mail.

"I am a hard-working and dedicated student and this could have such an impact on my future."

"The college has overreacted in what is probably the most important week of my school life."

The school has defended its actions, saying Jamie became a 'nuisance' when he wasn't allowed to study.

But a spokesman for the school has expressed confidence in Jamie's abilities, describing him as a top student who will do well.

Even if he's not allowed in the library again.

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