Dad who killed daughter's alleged molester won't face charges

The Texas father who beat a man to death after he found him allegedly molesting his five-year-old daughter will not face any charges say officials.

Dad who killed daughter's 'molester' won't face charges

The building near Shiner, Texas, where the incident took place. Photo: AAP

The Lavaca County grand jury has decided not to indict the 23-year-old in the death of Jesus Mora Flores, who died on June 9, reports Associated Press.

The attack happened on the family's ranch in a remote area nearby the town of Shiner. Authorities said a witness saw Mr Flores carry the child to a secluded area before the same witness then went to find the child's father.

The father then pulled Mr Flores off his daughter and landed several blows to the head and neck.

When emergency services arrived, they found the Mr Flores had his pants pulled down around his lifeless body and when the girl was examined at hospital, forensic evidence matched witness accounts to corroborate the father's story she was molested.

The father, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughter, was never arrested although the case was investigated as homicide.

Authorities have also released the dramatic tape of the 911 call the father made, in which he pleads for rescue services to send help before the man died.

The father can be heard begging for help for Mr Flores once his daughter is out of harm's way.

"Come on! This guy is going to die on me!," he is heard shouting. "I don't know what to do! "He's going to die. He's going to f------ die!"

At one point the father also says he is going to put the man in his car and drive him to hospital before the police finally arrive.

Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon told the Victorian Advocate: "He was very remorseful. I don't think it was his intent for the man to die."

Lavaca County District Attorney Heather McMinnsaid: "The substantial amount of evidence showed that the witness statements and the father's statement and what the father had observed was in fact what had happened that day."

V'Anne Huser, the father's attorney, insists neither the father nor the family will ever give interviews.

"He's a peaceable soul," Mr Huser said. "He had no intention to kill anybody that day."

Authorities are having trouble locating any of Mr Flores' family and believe he may be from out of country.

The local community, meanwhile, has been shocked by the incident. The nearby town of Shiner, 80 miles east of San Antonio, has only 2000 residents and the case is only the sixth homicide investigated in eight years.

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