Conflicting accounts of Scott Guy killing

The jury in the Scott Guy murder trial will see a DVD of a police interview with accused Ewen Macdonald after a written statement read to the court contradicted accounts of when Macdonald knew his brother-in-law had been shot.

Scott Guy murder trial to begin

Scott Guy murder trial to begin

Macdonald, 32, is accused of shooting dead Mr Guy, 31, in his driveway on July 8, 2010 because of tensions over the future of the family dairy farm.

Mr Guy's sister Nikki earlier said Macdonald told her and others at the police cordon on the morning of July 8 that Mr Guy had been shot - something the Crown alleges only the killer would have known until police confirmed the method of death the next day.

On Friday, Detective Graeme Parsons read out a transcript of Macdonald's police interview, in which Macdonald said it was not until July 9 that he found out Mr Guy had been killed by a gunshot.

Macdonald said it had been Bryan Guy, Scott's father, who cast doubt on the idea that Scott's throat was cut by saying he thought he had been shot.

Macdonald thought he might have been the target because of his past involvement in illegal poaching activity, the Manawatu Standard reported.

He was also asked if anyone else might have a grudge against Mr Guy or the family.

He mentioned Bryan Guy's involvement in the merger of the Tui and Kiwi dairy companies, and "a Fijian guy" who went out with Nikki Guy for a while.

Macdonald said he and his wife Anna thought the man was no good for Nikki and had told him he wasn't welcome at their house when he came around with Nikki to babysit.

The trial, which is expected to take six weeks, is continuing. The jury will see the DVD next week.