Teen wrote bullying post herself: friend

A family who believed their teenage daughter took her own life because of Facebook bullying have learned she posted the bullying comments herself.



The revelation was made at an inquest into the death last year of Tokoroa 17-year-old Micaela Emily Kimiora Pinkerton-Stothers.

Raymond Gardiner, a close friend of the teenager, told coroner Wallace Bain in Rotorua on Wednesday that he and Micaela had set up a Facebook page called Rumour Hate, on which Micaela wrote a post purporting to come from an anonymous source that she had been pregnant and had had an abortion.

He remained adamant Micaela had written the words herself and was at a loss to explain why she had "cried and cried" about the message to her grandmother.

Netsafe operations manager Olivia Chisholm confirmed the posting had been made by the person, or people, who compiled the page.

But Micaela's mother, Heidi Hartley, said there was no way her daughter could have made up the comments about being pregnant and having an abortion.

"I just don't believe it. I believe my daughter, not anybody else."

She said Micaela had rung her crying and was very upset about the posting.

"She asked me what she should do about it," Ms Hartley said.

Micaela's grandmother, Judith Stothers, with whom she lived, had earlier said Micaela had told her about the post and was extremely upset.

She said Micaela had cried and cried and asked why people where making trouble for her.

Dr Bain said text and Facebook bullying had become a major issue that should be opened up for discussion and debate.

"You only have to go past any school, primary, intermediate, secondary, after 3pm or 3.30pm to see youngsters texting.

"There they are two-by-two, like animals out of the zoo, flat out with their mobiles."

He reserved his decision.