Girl saved by ride on roller coaster

A 20-year-old woman is still alive eight years after she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour thanks to a ride on a roller coaster.

Girl saved by ride on roller coaster

Girl saved by ride on roller coaster

Just days before a doctor's appointment to find out why Emma Bassett, now aged 20, was suffering from terrible headaches and dizziness, she visited a theme park and took a ride on a roller coaster.

Days later, doctors informed her she had a huge brain tumour that would block the flow of vital fluids around her brain – if not for the ride on the roller coaster.

The movements of the ride had briefly redistributed the fluids, allowing Emma enough time to go under the knife in a potentially dangerous operation.

Now eight years on, Emma is living a normal life after years of rehabilitation.

The tumour had been growing inside Emma's brain for years, and had reached the point where it was blocking the flow of cerebrospinal liquid in her brain.

Without treatment, Emma would have died without ever knowing she was sick.

"It was such a shock to discover I'd had this tumour growing inside me, probably for years, without me knowing anything about it," she told The Daily Mail.

"The doctors told my parents that I would need 24-hour care, because the tumour was wrapped about my brain stem, and the surgeons thought removing it would cause irreparable damage."

The operation severely impaired to Emma's quality of life.

She required round-the-clock care from her parents, and had to learn to walk and talk again.

But now at age 20, Emma is an independent young woman, about to become a teacher.

"I was determined I'd walk again and beat the tumour," she told The Daily Mail.

"It has taken years of hard work, but now, I'm finally able to do the things I've always wanted to and live the life I've always wanted to lead. At my latest scan, there was no sign of the tumour returning, so it's great news."

And all of it thanks to a ride on a roller coaster.