Transgender teen misses out on Miss England crown

Transgender teen hopes for shot at Miss England crown

Jackie Green, Photo: YouTube

Teenager Jackie Green, who is the youngest Brit ever to undergo a sex change, just failed in her attempt to reach the finals of Miss England.

The 18-year-old was born Jack but has lived as a girl for the last eight years, undergoing surgery in Thailand to become Britain's youngest transsexual at the age of 16.

She was encouraged to enter Miss England by modelling scouts who had no idea of her history and reached the semi-final by winning a public vote in the heats.

But she narrowly missed out on reaching the final, with the semi-final involving a bootcamp in the morning, an interview process, fashion show and eco round, although she has vowed to return next year.

“I went to the Britain’s Next Top Model show in London and was really surprised when scouts came up to me" Miss Green told the Sun.

"Miss England is a prestigious competition. I’d love to win.”

However, Miss Green is not just in it for the glamour; she hopes to use the public platform to raise bullying and transgender issues.

And she's not the first transgender model to make the news recently. Just ten days ago Jenna Talackova became the first-ever transgender contestant to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

The 23-year-old, who was born a male and underwent a sex change three years ago, competed with 61 contestants and reached the final 12.

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