Victim returns to photograph 'sex attacker'

This is the face of a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman on a train before casually returning to his seat and falling asleep.

Victim returns to photograph 'sex attacker'

Victim returns to photograph 'sex attacker'

The incident occurred when a young woman on the 6.30am train from London to Birmingham woke to find the man allegedly hovering over her and fondling her breasts.

When the 29-year-old woman realised what had happened she quickly moved to another carriage while the man returned to his seat and went to sleep.

The woman departed the train at the next stop, but not before sneaking back to the carriage to snap a photo of the man, which police now hope will lead to his arrest.

British police have released the image three months on from the attack after failing to track the man down.

A spokesman for British police has revealed the horrible details of the woman's attack.

"The victim was asleep on the train and awoke to find something pressing on her ribcage and chest."

"She quickly realised it was the hand of a male passenger whom she did not know."

"The woman got up immediately and moved away from the man."

"Although uninjured, she was left extremely shocked and upset by the man's behaviour."

Anyone who recognises the man is urged to contact British Transport Police.