Man bled to death after punching window

A Whanganui man died from blood loss after severing an artery in his arm when he punched a window in a rage after arguing with his sister, a coroner has found.

Man bled to death after punching window

Man bled to death after punching window

An intoxicated Yusef Vonn Zurich, 25, began arguing with his sister and others at an "out of control" party at a flat where his brother and another sister lived in the early hours of November 2 last year.

Mr Zurich walked away from the fight and went upstairs with his brother and another person.

Still angry, Mr Zurich punched a glass window, severing an artery near his right elbow. Blood began gushing from the wound.

Partygoers, and a nurse who lived nearby, tried to stop the flow of blood and immediately took Mr Zurich to Whanganui Hospital but he died a short time later.

Police initially treated his death as a homicide but concluded that Mr Zurich's injury was self-inflicted, although unintentional.

"I record here that although perhaps some of the goings on at the party were extreme - and contributed in a roundabout way to Yusef's death - everyone appears to have done everything possible to save him once his massive injury was known," Coroner Tim Scott said in his report released this week.