Investigation launched into highway cash grab

Police are investigating reports that thousands of dollars in cash was strewn around a busy Melbourne freeway last night.

Investigation launched into highway cash grab

Investigation launched into highway cash grab

A driver, who identified himself as ‘Jake’ rang Fox FM this morning and said he spotted a whirlwind of $50 and $100 bills just after 6:30pm.

He was driving on the Western Ring Road before the Milleara Rd exit in Keilor East.

"It was like driving through a cloud of confetti," he told the radio station.

"I reckon it would have hit the road 10 seconds in front of me. It was just flying through the air.

"There was so much in my face I couldn’t see anything in front of me. I thought it was all fake.

"I pulled over and found about $300 within two steps."

There were at least six other passers-by who also stopped; some people at the scene told him that they had pocketed at least $12,000.

Jake said he couldn’t see where the money had come from, although he had a few suggestions.

"Either the bottom end's come out of an armoured car or ... a Tattslotto winner has thrown it out of a window," he said.

Victorian Police are investigating the incident and say people who took the money could face charges of theft if they fail to take the reasonable steps to locate its owner by handing it in.

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