Rob Reed - Running Away

Rob Reed tried to turn his back on his career when he felt like he wasn't really making a difference. He realised that instead of running away, it was time to run towards the problems of the world.
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'Running Away': Rob's Response Tips

Short term: Look up the 'Earth Charter' online; download a copy and spend time each day reflecting on a different part of it.

Medium term: Look up the work of Dennis Banks and the Sacred Run movement – share this information with a friend.

Longer term: Each year plan an extended time – either alone or with family / friends – in nature.

Short term: Develop your own prayer / meditation / centring rhythm in your life. From this rhythm strive to develop a greater awareness of all of life. This will naturally lead you to advocate for the 'voiceless' ones.

Medium term: Join an organisation or movement that advocates for the powerless, the disposed or the voiceless within our world. Participate where and how you can; through silent vigils, letter writing campaigns, awareness campaigns and more.

Longer term: Looking for an adult learning program in 'conflict resolution' or anger management or community building / community development etc and enrol in the program. Do the program with a friend or work colleague.

Short term: Research different movements / organisations that promote the sacredness of all of life. Find out when their peak events are during the year and participate in them.

Medium term: Find ways to support local producers of food and other essentials; where you can build personal relationships with these producers. Perhaps join a co-operative or community garden.

Longer term: Purchase and read any biography of a native elder [Australian Aboriginal, North American Indian etc] and reflect on their life principles.

Short term: Purchase a copy of ‘Chief Seattle’s Oration’, frame and hang it in a prominent place in your home or office.

Medium term: Organise a yearly ‘fun run’ or similar activity to draw attention to the sacredness of all of life.

Longer term: Re-watch 'Running Away' and make a list of the key phrases, concepts and ideas that Rob shares with the audience. Use these reflections to help guide you to look for a personal mentor, life coach, spiritual guide, spiritual director or confidant that you can regularly share your inner journey of meaning with.