Donna Mulhearn - Human Shield

In March of 2003 Donna Mulhearn travelled to Iraq as a 'human shield', using her 'more valuable life' to defend the safety of those she considered brothers and sisters. Her journey and her encounters with the children suffering because of sanctions imposed on the country opened her eyes to the realisation that nobody is powerless to help.
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'Human Shield': Donna's Response Tips

Short term: Research the issue of Depleted Uranium especially linked to weapons – inform yourself and share what you discover with those around you. You might like to begin at

Medium term: Read a biography of someone who has taken a non-violence approach to Injustice and Social Change; Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela [after his release from prison], Aung San Suu Kyi. Reflect on why they took that approach and how effective it was.

Longer term: Research the 2010 UN vote on the issue of Depleted Uranium and share what you discover with a friend. See

Short term: Join a mailing list to gain more information linked to the upcoming vote in the UN to ban the use of depleted uranium in weapons. See

Medium term: Look up Edmund Rice International’s website and under the section ‘Advocacy’ read what children’s issues they are addressing. Add this web-site to your favourites.

Longer term: Join an organisation or group such as the Edmund Rice Centre at Homebush [Sydney], Get Up or Amnesty International that name issues of Injustice and suggest ways of addressing these issues.

Short term: Purchase a copy of Donna’s book, ‘Ordinary Courage’ and after you have read it pass it on to a friend OR purchase several copies as use them as birthday presents for loved ones. Go to [||target=_blank]

Medium term: Identify someone you know who comes from a minority group or are alienated within our Australian society. Over a cup of coffee invite them to share with you what the issues are that face their group and why they are so.

Longer term: Each year find out when and where the annual Palm Sunday Peace march is taking place. Make a banner that addresses your issue of concern around issues of injustice. Take part in the march and perhaps take some friends along with you. Make it an annual 'catch up' with like-minded people – a social occasion.

Short term: Donna said, "We need everyone to be on about something – ordinary people like me to take up their call!" Make a deliberate choice to spend some time alone in reflection and identify your 'something' then make one simple small choice to take a first step in actioning this.

Medium term: Write to your Federal Member of Parliament or even better – meet with them personally and share your concerns about the use of Depleted Uranium in weapons and Australia’s role in the upcoming UN vote on this issue. For ideas on what to say in your letter go to

Longer term: Get involved with UNICEF Australia and its many actions in support of the rights of children especially in war torn countries.