Bride-to-be dies 90 minutes before wedding

A bride-to-be has lost her long battle with cancer just 90 minutes before she was due to walk down the aisle.

Bride-to-be dies 90 minutes before wedding

Bride-to-be dies 90 minutes before wedding

Jemma Webb's fight against ovarian cancer inspired those around her since she contracted the disease in 2008.

Her family and friends said she never let it get her down.

"Jemma may have had cancer, but cancer never had Jemma. Everyone was in awe [of her] for what she did and how she handled the cancer", her partner Alex Bradford told The Daily Mail.

Jemma's brave fight even extended to her love life; she met Mr Bradford just nine months ago and the two immediately fell in love.

Knowing Jemma was fighting a losing battle, the two began planning their wedding for April 18.

But Jemma's condition took a turn for the worse on March 16, and the couple arranged for a celebrant to come to their home so they could be married the next day.

Sadly Jemma never made it down the aisle.

"On the day she was obviously excited and I was too. But by 2pm she got worse and within an hour she had passed away", Mr Bradford said.

Mr Bradford and Jemma’s parents came together yesterday to pay tribute to her fighting spirit.

Jemma had worked hard to raise the profile of charities fighting to cure gynecological cancer.

She ran half marathons and took part in the Race For Life on the same weekend she began chemotherapy.

She was inspirational – she carried on as if there was going to be every tomorrow," Mrs Webb said.

"She was completely wiped out after the Race for Life but she was determined to do it.

She touched everyone she came in contact with. She was determined to get across the message to younger women about the dangers of ovarian cancer".

Mr Bradford says he’ll never regret the time he spent with Jemma.

"It was just a normal relationship as you could imagine to start with, but then two months in the cancer spread to her liver and her lungs and I knew then that I had to be there for her.

"But I loved her – it was as simple as that, so it was never really a decision."