'Butt cutter' behind bars

'Butt cutter' behind bars

'Butt cutter' behind bars

A man accused of slashing women's buttocks has been arrested in Peru.

Coined the 'butt cutter' or 'Corta Nalgas', he allegedly cut the buttocks of 13 young women in Virginia, United States.

According to CNN, he was allegedly responsible for several attacks between February and July 2011 and a task force had been set up to try and track him.

Fairfax County Police said in a statement last year: "In each case, the suspect distracts his victim before cutting them. The victims have all been teenaged women or in their early 20s."

One young woman reported an attack after noticing a wound in her buttocks while shopping.

The 18-year-old victim was shopping when she noticed clothes that had fallen off of a rack behind her and saw a man bending down to pick them up."

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