Lego wedding proposal goes viral

A three minute animation made from thousands of photos of Lego characters has become the latest viral wedding proposal.

Twenty-nine-year-old Walt Thompson popped the question to girlfriend Nearley Dozier in a heart-warming stop motion video.

The Atlanta-based filmmaker charted the couple's four year relationship, from first meeting, to how they fell in love.

Without breaking from tradition, Thompson included a big diamond ring and a man on bended knee.

He also featured Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lego men, alongside the pair's family and friends.

It took two and a half days to shoot the scenes and "god knows how long" to edit the still images, Thompson told the Huffington Post.

Luckily Thompson's hard work paid off, and his twenty-eight-year-old food blogger partner said yes.

The clip follows a slew of popular proposal videos, including one of a Brisbane man who surprised his love interest with "will you marry me" tattooed across his wrists.

Last year, South Australian Ryan Cotter popped the question to his girlfriend Kate surrounded by sharks.

Taking the proposal to new depths

While a man in China staged an elaborate stunt where he and almost 50 friends danced in carrot costumes.

The couple had reportedly been together for just six months.

WATCH: Dancing carrot marriage proposal

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