Josh Arnold - 'One World'

'One World' introduces us to a most unlikely recording studio. The song writers are school children but the themes are universal. This story is all about the magic that happens when people are encouraged to find their own voice and express their hopes for a better world.

In this film we meet Josh, whose skill and goal is to bring out the 'story’ that resides within each student and help them find their voice. In doing so they create together something truly special; something (a song) that will last longer than any building or monument and touch the lives of people they may never know. For many of the children involved it may have been the first time they felt that their voice was truly listened to.
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Josh's Response Tips

Short term: Purchase the One World Calendar from New Internationalist and hang it in your home or office.

Medium term: Purchase an autobiography / biography of someone from a different ethnic group to yourself. When you have finished reading it pass it on to a friend. Eg. Long Walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela) or Struggle for Freedom (Aung San Suu Kyi).

Longer term: Go to a Search Engine and under 'images' type in 'One world' and use some of those images as your computer screen saver OR as the title page in a Power Point presentation.

Short term: Research who won the Noble Peace Prize for the previous year and read the citation on the Nobel website. Look for a way to get involved in or find out more about their issue.

Medium term: Each year make a point of attending a local music festival. Purchase a CD / DVD of a singer who is advocating justice and peace issues; issues that raise awareness of human rights.

Longer term: Make a note on your diary for the first of the month to check the Amnesty International website to read up on their latest letter writing campaign. Read up on the person or issue and if you agree with the issue join the campaign; the pen is mightier than the sword!

Short term: Purchase a lapel badge linked to any group or issue that is scapegoated or stereotyped, e.g. Refugees.

Medium term: Reflect on your own tendency towards dualistic thinking; become aware of the labels you use that lock you into US – THEM thinking. Identify a motto or mantra that you might place in a prominent place to challenge your thinking.

Longer term: Become involved in a Community Group linked to a minority group or divisive issue that celebrates difference. Claim your voice on that issue and assist others involved with the Community Group to have their voice heard.

Short term: Go out of your way on a train, bus, tram to greet a person from a different culture or group to yourself or at the least give them your best smile.

Medium term: On a regular basis purchase a meal from a small, local, family owned food outlet that sells cuisine different to your own culture. Get to know the owners and engage in conversation when you visit.

Longer term: Invite the key leaders from an organisation that you are involved with (a school, a business, a Church etc) to hold a 'One World' week each year that focuses on the key message of 'One World'; "We are living and we're giving under one sun – we’re singers and bringers … from all over the ocean. We are all the same people with different ideas."

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