Couple celebrate birth of 100th grandchild

A couple in Canada have celebrated the birth of their 100th grandchild.

Viktor and Aneta Urich reached the mark courtesy of daughter-in-law Tatjana, who gave birth to Henry two weeks ago, the Daily Herald Tribune of Alberta reported.

It was Tatjana's ninth child with husband Heinrich - their oldest child is 12.

Heinrich himself is the fifth of Viktor and Aneta’s 16 children.

Viktor was born in Russia and moved to Germany at the age of 29 before moving to Canada 17 years ago.

"We were happy and we were waiting for it. We want to have a party in the church with all the family together," Viktor was quoted as saying.

He shares so may grandchildren with his wife that they struggle to remember all of their names.

"Half the grandchildren have Canadian names and the other half have Russian ones, which can get confusing," Viktor said.

Fortunately, Heinrich says providing for his nine children is not a burden financially. Finding a baby sitter is not hard either.

"We get along fine. We don't drink. We don't smoke and any money that's left over is for our family," he said.

When it comes to grandchildren, the Urich's are not the only couple to hit the century mark.

In 2005, Norwegians Randi and Filip Bekkevold celebrated the birth of their 100th grandchild and Bai Ulan of the Philippines is reported to have 107 grandchildren and 138 great-grandchildren.